004 Fudge Tunnel

Fudge Tunnel, those saucy gents.

Dyed in the wool metal heads might argue that Nottingham, England’s Fudge Tunnel aren’t metal.  Singer/songster/producer/guitarist Alex Newport would agree, but leave your bullet belts at the door, because those tainted squirts at Metal Urges love every second of the sludgy dregs oozing from a Fudge Tunnel record.  A Fudge Tunnel record is murky with slabs of gooey guitar and snarling bass, riffy with sore-throat vocals.  What’s not to like!

With a lack of pretense and critical appeal, Fudge Tunnel not only spit at the metal label but transcend it.  Formed in 1989 by then teenagers, Fudge Tunnel saw themselves as a one-riff musical joke.  No longevity or career needed.  Funny thing is, here in 2012 we’re still laughing.

Previously banned cover art. Now an informative t shirt.

The music of Fudge Tunnel speaks to the ugly and imperfect, the abused and neglected.  You see, headmaster Newport leaves the mistakes in.  He wants the guitars turned way up, the vocals turned way down.  He doesn’t want the press conferences and philosophical lyric pondering.  He just wants you to wallow in the beautiful ugliness of real life.  So go ahead, mates, take your shoes off and let the fudge squish between your toes.  You might get ringworm, but you’ll love it.

Quintessential albums:  The Complicated Futility of Ignorance and Creep Diets.

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