001 Metal Origins

Whom do you blame more? Araya or Mustaine?

To commemorate the maiden voyage of the Titanic, dear listeners, here is Episode 001 Metal Origins.  Like the juggernaut of the sea, this episode is huge, clocking in at around 90 minutes.  We recorded this way back in January, but now that our blog is finally up, here it is for your enjoyment.  Now let’s all keep a look out for icebergs.

In this episode, Chris and Spencer talk about some of the bands that sucked them down in the mire of the metal genre.  As you know, metal is full of extremes, like those blow-your-mind blast beats, the crushing riffs of down-tuned guitars, and the howls and growls of your favorite metal front-men (or women!).  It sounds like symphony to us, but to your dad, your spouse, or your dorm-room bunk-mate, it probably sounds more like cacophony.  You either love it or you hate it, but how did you get so into it!?  What’s your story?  When did you first feel it in your soul that Slayer really is the best thing you’ve ever heard?

Here’s a few pages of our own story here at Metal Urges.  Perhaps you will find some common ground with the Metal Urges dudes.  Leave a reply to tell us about your own experiences as you began to take the left hand path towards the unholiest of musical genres.  Or you could just tell Chris and Spencer how full of crapola they are.

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